A Message from the NJ Drug Control Unit Regarding NJPMP

As you may be aware, pursuant to law, New Jersey controlled dangerous substances (CDS) registrants are required to register with the New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program (NJPMP). To date, approximately 2,500 New Jersey CDS Physicians have been identified as non-compliant with the NJPMP registration requirement. As a result, the CDS registration for said physicians has been placed in “active non-renewable” (ANR) status and they will be unable to renew their CDS during the October 2020 renewal period until they’ve successfully registered with the NJPMP.

In the coming weeks, a detailed notice will be emailed to those CDS Physicians placed in ANR status advising them of the status of their CDS and the NJPMP registration requirement and instruct them to immediately register with the NJPMP.

No action is required by CDS physicians who already have an active NJPMP account.

CDS Physicians who are not registered with the NJPMP must:

STEP 1: Register to access the NJPMP

Immediately register at https://newjersey.pmpaware.net/. Registrants will be required to enter his/her full professional license number; federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) number; NJ CDS registration number; full name as it appears on his/her professional license; unique email address; and other identifying information.

STEP 2: Notify the Drug Control Unit

Once the physician has registered to access the NJPMP, he/she should notify the New Jersey Drug Control Unit via email at CDS@dca.lps.state.nj.us.

STEP 3: Permission to renew CDS registration

Following verification of the Physicians NJPMP registration, the status of his/her CDS registration will be updated to “active” and he/she will receive an email permitting him/her to renew his/her CDS during the October 2020 renewal period.

Physicians with an active CDS registration that do not prescribe controlled dangerous substances or do not currently hold a New Jersey DEA registration, in accordance with N.J.A.C.13:45H-1.2(m), must email the New Jersey Drug Control Unit to place his/her CDS registration in “inactive” status.

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